We support companies and professionals to develop their activities at a European level and their processes of innovation and internationalisation.

We are Monica and Riccardo, 2 freelancers having integrated their competencies and skills derived from different professional fields, creating the brandWE4EU ☆ We for you, we for Europe”. We live in Italy, Piedmont and Sicily, we work at a distance and we’ve created a design lab going beyond the physical space.

We use the web as a means of daily work and our notebook computers as an office and we meet mainly during training and professional events.

We take care of all those activities necessary for the elaboration, technical writing and presentation of projects—that is, requests for funding addressed to public and private entities managing and allocating funds, in response to specific calls.

We focus our attention on current issues that we believe to be the strategic direction and leverage of the economic and social future development—circular economy, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, business internationalisation, training, culture, tourism, social integration, ICT, digitalisation and innovation—and we follow the activities of project scouting, project design and project proposal management.

We tackle these “key topics” in close collaboration with customer, using a participatory approach from the early stages of developing the original idea and sharing needs and objectives in the co-creation of projects at a local and European level.

We design by objectives, applying the standardised methodology and technical procedures adopted and officially recognised by the European Commission.

On the issues of our interest, in addition to the design in the strict sense, we also provide advice to the customer who wants to assess the goodness of his/er project idea or be updated on the most suitable calls for his/er profiling, or who is interested in being involved in a European project, or in finding the partners necessary to optimise a partnership.

Furthermore, we provide informative design on programs, funding instruments and European, ministerial and regional calls, producing—”on demand”—documents and contents (such as dossiers, slideshows and technical data sheets), also for the web.
We address both those who care about the planning and development of the territory—such as public entities, both those who daily work on the territory—such as companies, associations, professional firms and private bodies.


We apply the concept of hub to financial design, becoming a point of connection among those who have an idea but not enough resources to realise it, the donor/financer, the partners and the experts in the sector.

In transports, a hub is a turning-point, a large international transit airport where many air routes are based and which collects most of a country traffic; in computer science and telecommunications, a hub is a concentrator, a network device that connects multiple transmission lines. In designing, we of WE4EU are a catalyst of ideas, a promoter of innovative initiatives in response to specific needs, the center of those who want to make “project” what is a simple intuition.

To give added value to our proposals, we consider strategic to activate collaborations with experts and groups of professionals who we believe highly reliable and with whom we share the same objectives. In this collaboration we find the same concept of design hub in which heterogeneous ideas and professional competencies converge, that is a “connector” of professionalism able to offer the Client the best design solution.